Loma- Don't Shy Away

Loma- Don't Shy Away

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Label: Sub Pop

Released 10/23/20

On December 26th, 2018, Emily Cross received an excited email from a friend: Brian Eno was talking about her band on BBC radio. "At first I didn't think it was real," she admits. But then she heard a recording: Eno was praising "Black Willow" from Loma's self-titled debut, a song whose minimal groove and hypnotic refrain seem as much farewell as a manifesto: I make my bed beside the road / I carry a diamond blade / I will not serve you. He said he'd had it on repeat.

Track Listing:

  1. I Fix My Gaze
  2. Ocotillo
  3. Half Silences
  4. Elliptical Days
  5. Given a Sign
  6. Thorn
  7. Breaking Waves Like a Stone
  8. Blue Rainbow
  9. Jenny
  10. Don't Shy Away
  11. Homing