Loma- How Will I Live Without A Body?
Loma- How Will I Live Without A Body?

Loma- How Will I Live Without A Body?

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Label: Sub Pop

Released 6/28/2024

January 2023, Dorset. Snow is piled at the door, icy roads are closed, and Emily Cross is in a coffin. Not a setting typical for a rebirth. But for Loma, this is where they bring their band back from the brink. "It's like a demon enters the room, whenever we get together", writer, singer and instrumentalist Cross says of the struggle to bring new Loma music into the world. Following the release of their 2020 second album Don't Shy Away, Loma's three members were cast around the globe and the band-not for the first time-entered a deep sleep. Multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Dan Duszynski remained in his studio in Don't Shy Away's central Texas heart, but Cross, a UK citizen, moved to Dorset, and writer and instrumentalist Jonathan Meiburg left the US for Germany to research a book. In the pandemic years, even being in the same room was impossible, and attempts to start a new record faltered.

Track listing:

  1. Please, Come in
  2. Arrhythmia
  3. Unbraiding
  4. I Swallowed a Stone
  5. How It Starts
  6. Dark Trio
  7. A Steady Mind
  8. Pink Sky
  9. Broken Doorbell
  10. Affinity
  11. Turnaround