Lou Reed- New York

Lou Reed- New York

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Label: Sire / Rhino

Reissued 10/8/2021, Originally released 1989

New York is arguably Lou Reed's greatest hour as a solo artist. A song-cycle about his beloved city in the '80s, Reed adopts a conversational tone to discuss politics, AIDS, romance, TV preachers, and whatever else is on his mind. While his voice never ranges far, the album kicks into high gear with the twin guitar attack of Reed and Mike Rathke, which takes simple, three-chord rock into a truly transcendent space. "Romeo Had Juliette" cruises like a cab down a bumpy avenue, while "Strawman" curls with rage. Like the city that gives it its name, New York never rests.

Track listing:

  1. Romeo Had Juliette 
  2. Halloween Parade 
  3. Dirty Blvd. 
  4. Endless Cycle 
  5. There Is No Time 
  6. Last Great American Whale 
  7. Beginning Of A Great Adventure
  8. Busload Of Faith 
  9. Sick Of You 
  10. Hold On 
  11. Good Evening Mr. Waldheim 
  12. Xmas In February 
  13. Strawman 
  14. Dime Store Mystery