Lucifer- Lucifer IV

Lucifer- Lucifer IV

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Label: Century Media

Released 11/19/2021

The Swedish heavy rockers LUCIFER emerge with a striking rendition of the Northern Soul heartbreak classic "Gone With The Wind Is My Love" by Rita And The Tiaras in this special duet collaboration between Johanna of LUCIFER and Elin of BLUES PILLS.

Track listing:

  1. Archangel Of Death 
  2. Wild Hearses 
  3. Crucifix (I Burn For You)
  4. Bring Me His Head 
  5. Mausoleum 
  6. The Funeral Pyre 
  7. Cold As A Tombstone 
  8. Louise 
  9. Nightmare 
  10. Orion 
  11. Phobos