Lucky Losers- Godless

Lucky Losers- Godless

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Label: Vizztone

Released 8/14/20

This is an album I proudly display alongside the classic blues recordings. It was brought to fruition in the midst of the toughest situation that most of us have ever known…. Godless Land is the band’s fourth album, and their finest work to date. Listening to it was like sitting down to a fine meal. Each course is, in itself, a delicious and fulfilling experience. Lemon’s “in your face” delivery pairs perfectly with Berkowitz’s laid-back sophisticated style. Kid Andersen, who produced the album, plays everything but the kitchen sink (guitar, sitar, organ, piano, synth, Mellotron & percussion).

This album is as current as it gets, addressing such issues as the current economic crisis, man’s inhumanity to man, and the feelings of isolation and despair in this time of trouble. That said, the other problems faced by mankind have not gone away…people are born, people die, love blossoms and relationships falter. Times may be tough, but life goes on. In the end, love must prevail. I found myself drawing strength and power from what I was hearing. Godless Land is a great album on so many levels.

 Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue, July 6, 2020