Lucy Arnell- Anyways Any

Lucy Arnell- Anyways Any

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Label: Lucy Arnell

Released 2018

LUCY ARNELL  is an American indie rock singer, songwriter and guitarist from New York City currently living in Los Angeles. “Lucy Arnell" is the moniker she and her band release and perform under. Live For Live Music calls her songwriting and production “unique and experimental, yet humble and familiar.” Her style is defined by her obsession with the guitar itself, heavily influenced by ‘60s artists. ARNELL’s sincerity and pure emotion is at the forefront of her expansive blend of psych, grunge rock and indie music. With blissed-out vocals, commanding guitar work, and witty lyrics, she is a fierce female rock and roll artist leading the genre into the future. This fall, ARNELLwill release her sophomore analog LP, Anyways, Any with Producer Jason Abraham Roberts (NORAH JONES). The album’s infectious first single “Do It Again” will release on Friday the 13th in July.

Track Listing:

  1. Do It Again 3:40
  2. SMS 4:15
  3. Instamatic You 4:28
  4. Carnivore 4:16
  5. Economy Kid 2:55
  6. Silhouettes 4:32 
  7. Invasion 3:13
  8. Peace Operate 5:31
  9. Catch Me A Coat 3:24
  10. Candy 3:42