Lucy Spraggan- Choices

Lucy Spraggan- Choices

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Label: Cooking Vinyl

Released 2/26/21

It has been twelve months since singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan chose to go sober, and life has changed a lot. In fact, the present-day Lucy Spraggan is, in a multitude of ways, unrecognizable from the person of yesteryear. Control - both relinquishing it and taking it back - plus rediscovering oneself, is a recurring theme of the past year and Spraggan’s forthcoming album Choices. Aptly named, the songs that comprise the collection offer insight and introspection that saw her let go of alcohol, embrace exercise and a healthier lifestyle, move onwards through a divorce and find solace in its wake. Needless to say, it may have been necessary, but it was by no means easy. In conclusion, “it’s really just been an enlightening thing.” 

Track Listing:

1. Flowers
2. Roots
3. Sober
4. Run to the Hills
5. Heartbreak Suits
6. If I Had a God
7. I Spent a Night in the Desert
8. You’ve Let Yourself Down
9. Animal
10. Wild
11. Run
12. Choices (Don’t Be Afraid)
13. Why Don’t We Start from Here