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Luluc- Sculptor

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Label: Sub Pop

Released 2018

“Me and Jasper,” from LULUC’s third album Sculptor, is a confident challenge to small-town insularity, lilting yet vigilant, and championed by a defiant guitar solo from the band’s friend J MASCIS. It’s a reflection on a common pitfall of adolescence: limitless possibility battling constant obstruction. “What first hits is that voice,” writes Peter Blackstock (No Depression), “a peaceful serenity that reaches deep into the heart.” When NPR’s Bob Boilen named 2014’s Passerby his album of the year, he wrote: “I've listened to this record by Australia's LULUCmore than any other this year. These songs feel like they've always been.” That everyone has control of their own story is at the core of Sculptor. For Hassett, it’s illuminated by the last line of the album: “The most beautiful, serene sculpture my hands could make, could trace, could break.” “All of the songs are playing with those ideas,” he says.

Track Listing:

  1. Spring
  2. Heist
  3. Kids  
  4. Controversy
  5. Cambridge
  6. Me and Jasper
  7. Genius
  8. Moon Girl
  9. Needn’t Be
  10. Sculptor