Lungfish- Talking Songs For Walking
Lungfish- Talking Songs For Walking

Lungfish- Talking Songs For Walking

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Label: Dischord

Reissued 2023, originally released 1992

From their inception in 1988 until their hiatus in 2006, the LUNGFISH music band released 11 full-length albums and played concerts across the United States and in Europe. The band is renowned for intense creative productivity, releasing albums annually from the years 1992–2000. Originally released in 1992, Talking Songs for Walking was the group’s debut full length album. After more than a decade out of print, it has been remastered and recut from the original tapes (the remastered CD, which includes the Necklace of Heads EP, is still available as well) at Chicago Mastering Service. Lungfish is now, as it often has been, quasi if not entirely defunct. However, since the release of the band’s last album in 2005, Feral Hymns, singer DANIEL HIGGS has embarked on a solo career, releasing albums on Northern Liberties, Thrill Jockey and Holy Mountain. 

Track Listing:

  1. Friend To Friend In Endtime  
  2. Broadcast
  3. Descender
  4. Samuel
  5. Kissing
  6. Reveal Me
  7. My Fool Heart
  8. One Face
  9. Non Dual Bliss
  10. Put Your Hand In My Hand