Madlib- Rock Konducta Pt. 1
Madlib- Rock Konducta Pt. 1

Madlib- Rock Konducta Pt. 1

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Label: Madlib Invazion 

Reissued 7/21/2023, Originally released 2014

Rock Konducta is the fifth installment in Madlib’s Beat Konducta series. Previous entries include: Beat Konducta: Movie Scenes, Beat Konducta: In India, Beat Konducta: Dil Cosby and Dil Withers Suites and Beat Konducta in Africa. Rock Konducta grabs its source material from various worldwide rock scenes from the 60s through the 80s, from American psychedelia to Germany’s krautrock to acid-soaked Spanish prog to synthy, early-80s oddities. Tied together by Madlib’s unique sensibility, these scenes coalesce into a new whole. Who knew that rock music sounded like this? Well, there’s one obvious answer to that question.

Track listing:

  1. Zucker 
  2. Rot 
  3. Motorik Matching 
  4. Far Faust 
  5. Knickers Turned 
  6. Gentle Pilz 
  7. Black Widow 
  8. Giant Okra 
  9. Ege Malesch 
  10. Soap Guillotine 
  11. Hallucination Amon 
  12. Siebenjäger 
  13. Mantra Guru 
  14. Düül Shop 
  15. Hold The Organ 
  16. Floh 
  17. Harmonia Inventions 
  18. Crimson 
  19. Agitation Musik 
  20. Yeti Movie 
  21. Anima 
  22. Derum Dig 
  23. Tarot Ash 
  24. Cluster Ghosts 
  25. Känguru Join