Majeure- Timespan Redux

Majeure- Timespan Redux

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Label: Temporary Residence

Released 2009

A decade ago, ZOMBI cofounder A.E. PATERRA conceived his solo endeavor, MAJEURE. Released in 2009, the debut album, Timespan, took the term "full-length" quite literally - its 40-minute runtime filled by three epic, side-long journeys through time and space. It merged the sinister soundtracks of VANGELIS and JOHN CARPENTER, the stately minimalism of CLUSTER and ASHRA, and the relentless drive of TANGERINE DREAM and JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, delivering inspired sci-fi disco-prog of the highest caliber. Originally released on 2xCD and 2xLP, Timespan quickly sold out on both formats and has been out-of-print for nearly a decade since. To celebrate its forthcoming 10th anniversary, the album is given an entirely new mix and master for this special-edition reissue, Timespan Redux. Mixed from the original master files by A.E. PATERRA, and remastered by James Plotkin, Timespan Redux improves upon the original in virtually every way. The vinyl format of Timespan Redux is pressed onto 100% virgin vinyl for premium sound quality, and is available on limited-edition colored vinyl (clear w/ transparent blue streaks) while supplies last.

Track Listing:

  1. The Dresden Codex 13:16
  2. Teleforce 9:09
  3. Timespan 17:58