Mal Waldron- Modal-Air

Mal Waldron- Modal-Air

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Label: Naked Lunch

Reissued 2022, Originally released 1965

 The great Malcolm Earl "Mal" Waldron makes his debut on Naked Lunch with a collection of his own compositions recorded in New York City during the early '60s in a trio formation with George Tucker on bass and Al Dreares at the drums. The composing skills of Waldron as a post-bop key figure are here on full display on both sides, although pieces like "Modal-Air", "Summerday", "Ollie's Caravan", and "Quiet Temple" really squeeze the creative juice off the trio's playing, with Tucker and Dreares laying the rhythmic textures on Mal's many piano's inventions.

Track listing:

  1. Summerday 
  2. Easy Going 
  3. All Of My Life 
  4. Ollie's Caravan 
  5. Modal-Air 
  6. Lullaby Chant 
  7. The Call To Arms 
  8. Skippers Waltz 
  9. Love-Span 
  10. Quiet Temple