Mars Volta- Amputechture

Mars Volta- Amputechture

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Label: Rodriguez Lopez / Clouds Hill

Reissued 1/14/2022, Originally released 2006

The band’s third album, would prove The Mars Volta’s most diverse set yet, drawing into the group’s tornado of influences moments of fiery jazz spirituality and esoteric folk introspection, finding space for passages of devastating subtlety and also their most fierce and full-on moments to date. - Amputechture, then, is the sound of The Mars Volta in imperial mode: fearless, insatiable, unstoppable.

Track listing:

  1. Vicarious Atonement
  2. Tetragrammaton
  3. Vermicide
  4. Meccamputechture
  5. Asilos Magdalena
  6. Viscera Eyes
  7. Day Of The Baphomets
  8. El Ciervo Vulnerado