Martin Denny- Hypnotique

Martin Denny- Hypnotique

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Label: Jackpot

Reissued 10/2/20, originally released 1959

Martin Denny's Hypnotique originally released in 1959. A fan favorite from the father of the EXOTICA movement. Stunning Original Cover Artwork. First Time Reissued on Jackpot Records. Limited to 1000 copies.

Track Listing:

  1. Jungle Madness
  2. On a Little Street in Singapore
  3. Voodoo Dreams
  4. Chinese Lullaby
  5. Hypnotique
  6. St. Louis Blues
  7. We Kiss in a Shadow
  8. Summertime
  9. Scimitar
  10. American in Bali
  11. Japanese Sandman