McRackins- Eggs Alive! In Italy

McRackins- Eggs Alive! In Italy

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Label: Mom’s Basement

Released 5/20/2022

MCRACKINS are 3 Eggs and 1 drumming Dog, who have been playing Bubblepunk since their debut in 1994. To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of MCRACKINS, the band traveled to Bergamo, Italy for the Punk Rock Raduno Festival. This was their first live performance in over 9 years. With their initial flight from Vancouver, Canada cancelled, the band was rerouted through the UK. They arrived in Italy 10 hours later than expected only to discover that the airline had lost their guitars. Unbothered by this setback, the band with borrowed gear, played an ‘eggciting’ set featuring songs from each of their albums, including ‘TEENAGE VALENTINO’, a song never previously performed live. This recording DOCUMENTS their performance. You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the land...MCRACKINS.

Track listing:

  1. Shut Your Mouth
  2. Mickey & Mallory
  3. Candy
  4. Spazz
  5. Life, Hey Mikey
  6. Robbed
  7. Divided In Two
  8. We Like To Make Records
  9. Stop Looking At My Underwear
  10. Teenage Valentino
  11. Pollyanna
  12. Burnin' Bridges
  13. Fairy Tale
  14. Days Of The Week
  15. That's It
  16. Uh Uh Oh