Mephiskapheles- Maximum Perversion

Mephiskapheles- Maximum Perversion

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Label: Jump Up

Reissued 2018, originally released 1997

Vinyl reissue of classic 1997 ska-punk masterpiece by NYC act. "God Bless Satan" took the world by storm 3 years earlier via the MTV 120 Minutes hit "Doomsday", but their follow up was light years ahead of it's time. The band's extravagant rhythms heralded a new shift into experimental territories, with funky breaks, avant-garde solos and forays into metal and hardcore. Relive it's demonic gusto!

Track Listing:

  1. Attack of the Geniuses
  2. Break Your Ankle Punk
  3. Bad Toupee
  4. Satan on the Beach
  5. Aliens
  6. Sate
  7. Demon Weed
  8. Introducing the Yellow Passion
  9. Foursome
  10. Snack Pack
  11. Plan B
  12. Turtle Soup
  13. Scram