Metal Urbain- Panik!

Metal Urbain- Panik!

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Label: Cleopatra

Reissued 5/20/2022, Originally released 1997

A collection of vintage recordings by groundbreaking French punk band, Metal Urbain! MU was one of the first punk bands to use a synthesizer and drum machines paving the way for such later acts as Steve Albini's Big Black! Available on a special limited edition gatefold jacket with RED vinyl LP!

Track listing:

  1. HystéRie Connective
  2. Ghetto
  3. Clé de Contact
  4. Lady Coca Cola
  5. Panik
  6. Futurama
  7. Anarchie Au Palace
  8. Metal Urbain
  9. Paris Maquis
  10. Pop Poubelle
  11. 50-50
  12. Atlantis
  13. E 202
  14. NuméRo ZéRo