Michaela Anne- Desert Dove

Michaela Anne- Desert Dove

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Label: Yep Roc Records

Released 9/27/19

Desert Dove is the new album from Michaela Anne and her first on Yep Roc Records. It was recorded in LA and produced by Sam Outlaw and Kelly Winrich (Delta Spirit). Michaela has been lauded for her timeless voice and narrative depth and this record takes that to the next level. The songwriting is confessional and unforgettable without being saccharin or self-indulgent; the tracks call to mind Michaela's diverse influences - everything from Stevie Nick's powerful voice and Fleetwood Mac's vibey arrangements to the Dixie Chick's incredible balance of conviction and catchiness - all showcasing her stellar voice and distinct vision.

"Anne isn’t afraid to embrace cinematic strings over classic country instrumentation, but keeps her glassy quiver and introspective lyrical approach at the core of Desert Dove." - Rolling Stone

Track Listing:

1. By Our Design
2. One Heart
3. I'm Not the Fire
4. Child of the Wind
5. Tattered, Torn and Blue (and Crazy)
6. Desert Dove
7. Run Away With Me
8. Two Fools
9. If I Wanted Your Opinion
10. Somebody New
11. Be Easy