Mick Harvey- Four (Acts of Love)

Mick Harvey- Four (Acts of Love)

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Label: Mute

Released 2013

2013 release from the acclaimed musician and Nick Cave sideman. Four (Acts of Love) is a contemplation on romantic love - it's loss, re-awakening, it's tumultuous struggle and it's place in our universe. The album is a song cycle, divided into 3 Acts. The album features original compositions by Mick Harvey alongside a song by long time collaborator PJ Harvey ('Glorious') and interpretations of the Saints' 'The Story of Love', Van Morrison's 'The Way Young Lovers Do', Exuma's 'Summertime in New York' and Roy Orbison's 'Wild Hearts (Run Out of Time)'. FOUR (Acts of Love) is Mick Harvey's sixth solo studio album, and follows 2011's Sketches from the Book of the Dead.

Track Listing:

  1. Praise the Earth (Wheels of Amber and Gold)
  2. Glorious
  3. Midnight on the Ramparts
  4. Summertime in New York
  5. Where There's Smoke (Before)
  6. God Made the Hammer
  7. I Wish That I Were Stone
  8. The Way Young Lovers Do
  9. A Drop, An Ocean
  10. The Story of Love
  11. Where There's Smoke (After)
  12. Wild Hearts
  13. Fairy Dust
  14. Praise the Earth (An Ephemeral Play)