Mike Krol- Power Chords

Mike Krol- Power Chords

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Label: Merge

Released 1/25/19

Power Chords, Mike Krol's new Merge release, picks up where 2015's Turkey left off. It traces Krol's journey back to punk rock, harnessing both the guitar technique and the musical redemption referenced in it's title. He's wielding the same influences-Misfits, The Strokes, early Weezer, Ramones-but turning up the gravity and the gain. Indeed, Krol has gone somewhere new; yes, he bludgeoned himself with over-analysis and self-loathing, but along the way he stumbled upon a trove of intricate guitar lines and artfully mutating melodies. Music ruined Krol's life. And then saved it. In chronicling that process, Krol has made his best record-painful, voyeuristic, and angry, but ultimately transcendent and timeless. It is the sound of Krol giving in to a force greater than himself, as though the chords are playing him rather than the other way around.

Track Listing:
  1. Power Chords
  2. What's the Rhythm
  3. An Ambulance
  4. Little Drama
  5. Left for Dead
  6. Blue and Pink
  7. I Wonder
  8. Wasted Memory
  9. Nothing to Yell About
  10. Arrow in My Heart
  11. The End