Miles Davis- Miles Ahead + 19

Miles Davis- Miles Ahead + 19

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Label: Pan Am

Reissued 8/18/2023, Originally released 1957

180-Gram Virgin Vinyl. Limited Edition - * Down Beat. Although Miles Ahead was Miles Davis' first recording with the Gil Evans Orchestra, it was certainly not Evans and Davis' first collaboration. Gil and Miles' 1948-49 recordings both in the studio and broadcasted live from the Royal Roost in New York are among the true jewels of jazz history. The same can be said about Miles Ahead, a completely refined product in which the arrangements, the repertoire and the mood of every improvisation were carefully selected. * DOWN BEAT. THE COMPLETE LP + 1 BONUS TRACK - 180-GRAM VIRGIN VINYL - LIMITED EDITION

Track Listing:

  1. Springsville
  2. Maids Of Cadiz
  3. The Duke
  4. My Ship
  5. Miles Ahead
  6. Blues For Pablo
  7. New Rhumba
  8. The Meaning Of The Blues
  9. Lament
  10. I Don't Wanna Be Kissed