Moby- Early Underground
Moby- Early Underground

Moby- Early Underground

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Label: D.E.F.

Reissued 7/29/2022, Originally released 1993

Double vinyl LP pressing. Early Underground is a compilation album by electronica musician Moby. It was originally released in March 1993. The album consists of tracks previously released by Moby under other pseudonyms such as Barracuda, Brainstorm, UHF, and Voodoo Child.

Track listing:

  1. Besame
  2. Rock the House
  3. Move the Colors
  4. Uhf3
  5. Party Time
  6. Protect Write
  7. Go (Original)
  8. Permanent Green
  9. Voodoo Child (Remix)
  10. Drug Fits the Face
  11. Time Signature
  12. Peace Head
  13. Barracuda
  14. Mobility
  15. M-Four