Model / Actriz- Dogsbody

Model / Actriz- Dogsbody

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Label: True Panther Sounds

Reissued 9/15/2023

Dogsbody, the debut album by Brooklyn-based Model/Actriz (vocalist Cole Haden, guitarist Jack Wetmore, drummer Ruben Radlauer, and bassist Aaron Shapiro), is a coming-of-age album set between the hours of dusk and dawn. It is as much an exploration of love and loss as it is a sharp, piercing, and violent ode to the explosive joy of being alive - the overwhelming brightness of staring at the sun.

Track listing:

  1. Donkey Show 
  2. Mosquito
  3. Crossing Guard
  4. Slate
  5. Divers
  6. Amaranth
  7. Pure Mode
  8. Maria
  9. Sleepless
  10. Sun In