Morphine- Cure For Pain

Morphine- Cure For Pain

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Label: Modern Classic Recordings

Reissued 2011, originally released 1993

The second release on Light In The Attic's Modern Classics Recordings imprint. "Low-rock" and "Fuck-rock" are two descriptors enigmatic MORPHINE front man Mark Sandman used to describe his band's beat-inspired blues-jazz-rock holy racket. Along with Sandman's baritone vocal delivery and oddball two-string bass styling, co-founder Dana Colley played a saxophone as his lead instrument of choice instead of the expected guitar, creating a quirky and burning sensibility. Hailed by the alternative college-rock community in the mid-1990s after motion picture soundtrack placements in Spanking The Monkey and the MTV animated series Beavis and Butt-head, such commercial endorsements did little to distract from Cure For Pain's deep soul.

Track Listing:

  1. Dawna 0:44
  2. Buena 3:19
  3. I'm Free Now 3:24
  4. All Wrong 3:40
  5. Candy 3:14
  6. A Head With Wings 3:39
  7. In Spite Of Me 2:34
  8. Thursday 3:26
  9. Cure For Pain 3:13
  10. Mary Won't You Call My Name? 2:29
  11. Let's Take A Trip Together 2:59
  12. Sheila 2:49
  13. Miles Davis' Funeral 1:41