Mt. Joy- Orange Blood

Mt. Joy- Orange Blood

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Label: Island

Released 6/17/2022

Limited Edition Indie Record Store Exclusive! Mt. Joy channels bold, brilliant energy. After quietly racking up over a half-billion global streams, the Philadelphia quintet reemerges with 2022's Orange Blood. The album represents joy in its purest form. "When you hear this, we hope it makes you happy," says lead vocalist and guitarist, Matt Quinn. "We wanted something that found beauty in the fact that the world has always been crazy. We've been through some shit together to the point where we have become a family."

Track listing:

  1. Orange Blood
  2. Evergreen
  3. Roly Poly
  4. Johnson Song
  5. Don't It Feel Good
  6. Lemon Tree
  7. Bang
  8. Phenomenon
  9. Ruins
  10. Bathroom Light