Murder By Death- Good Morning, Magpie

Murder By Death- Good Morning, Magpie

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Label: Murder By Death

Released 2010

'The Bloomington, IN quartet have their own unique spin on Americana music. Replacing the traditional mountain music banjo and fiddle with a cello, the band deliver songs like "On the Dark Streets" and the irresistible "As Long As There Is Whiskey in the World". Those tracks, and the overall pub rock feel of the record, sounds like ditties The POGUES would play had they been born in the Great Smoky Mountains. The album walks a fine balance between serious intensity and rollicking fun. On one side are tracks like the soaring "Piece By Piece" and the epic closer "The Day". On the other side we are treated to whimsical southern Gothic on "You Don't Miss Twice" and the delightful Americana jig of "Yes". The lyrical down-and-out themes mesh perfectly with lead singer Adam Turla's deep, almost mumbled delivery. This combination is its most powerful on "White Noise". The track projects a rumbling thunder, punctuated by ominous vocals that would make the Man In Black proud. In Good Morning, Magpie, MURDER BY DEATH has created a roots near-masterpiece that should appeal to fans of everyone from DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS to DR. DOG to JOHNNY CASH. It's not a stretch to say we have an early Album of the Year contender on our hands.

Track listing:

  1. Kentucky Bourbon
  2. As Long As There Is Whiskey In The World
  3. On The Dark Streets Below
  4. King Of The Gutters, Prince Of The Dogs
  5. Piece By Piece
  6. Good Morning, Magpie
  7. You Don't Miss Twice (When You're Shavin' With A Knife)
  8. Yes Foxglove
  9. White Noise!
  10. The Day