Murphy's Law- Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law- Murphy's Law

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Label: Astor Place / BFD

Reissued 5/12/2023, Originally released 1986

​​The eponymous Murphy's Law debut is perhaps one of the most rocking New York punk releases to appear in the '80s. The manic tempos, masochistic vocals, and other hardcore signatures are toned down here to better suit the group's party message. Apolitical when compared to hard-line contemporaries like Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law shoots for an inebriated slice-of-life essence more aligned with Boston's Gang Green. The right-wing and skinhead references didn't exactly sit well with some '80s punk observers who mistakenly labeled the band as fascist. But even a casual study of "California Pipeline" and "Ilsa" reveals an allegiance contrary to the skinhead stereotype. Highlights include the Ace Frehley-inspired guitar work on Skinhead Rebel as well as the rockabilly "Wahoo Day" groove. A must-have for fans of the group and a strong recommendation for any '80s punk scholar, Murphy's Law is simply a fun ride. Color vinyl

Track listing:

  1. Murphy's Law
  2. California Pipeline
  3. Sit Home & Rot
  4. Fun
  5. Beer
  6. Wahoo Day
  7. Crucial Bar-B-Q
  8. A Day In The Life
  9. Care Bear
  10. Ilsa
  11. Skinhead Rebel
  12. I Got A Right