Naked Raygun- All Rise

Naked Raygun- All Rise

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Label: Haunted Town

Originally released 1985

Something happened during the two-year time span between NAKED RAYGUN's first album and the follow-up, All Rise. Rather than having more of the offbeat, absurd song formality that gave their debut, Throb Throb, its edge, this album has more of a structured quality. Not to say that NAKED RAYGUN has lost their touch; by progressing into a more (dare it be said) mature sound, they have remained one step ahead of all the RAYGUN clones emerging from their hometown of Chicago. The results are pretty decent; with songs like "Home of the Brave," "Knock Me Down," and "I Remember," their BUZZCOCKS roots are more apparent, while "New Dreams" kicks it into overdrive with a more positive aspect and "I Got New Dreams and I'm Going to Make Them Real" displays vocalist Jeff Pezzati. Sometimes change can be for the better. [All Rise was reissued in 1999.]

Track Listing:

  1. Home Of The Brave
  2. Dog At Large
  3. Knock Me Down
  4. Mr. Gridlock
  5. The Strip
  6. I Remember
  7. Those Who Move  
  8. The Envelope
  9. Backlash Jack
  10. Peacemaker
  11. New Dreams
  12. Vanilla Blue
  13. Slim