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Label: St. Ives

Released 2007

From the liner notes:

The album art is acrylic paint with linoleum block printing. It was conceived and executed almost wholly by us. Along the way we had advisement, help, and item loaning from Ryan Moore, Tate Shaw, Jesse Kates, Steph Toth Kates, Jeff and Kim Langston, Brandon Briscoe, and Carolyn Shadid. Thanks so very much.

This album was recorded at home. At some points we hope you can tell; at other points we hope it isn't quite as apparent. This album took much longer than we had expected. For that we apologize. This album would not have been created without your support. We are grateful. Thank you. This album was Executive Produced by Alexander and Hedy.

Track Listing:

  1. Animal Kingdom
  2. The Beginning
  3. The Hour Has Come
  4. Branches Of Branches Of Branches
  5. An Argument To Stand On
  6. Opposable Thumb
  7. Scatterbirds
  8. Our Orchard On Poisoned Ground
  9. Lesser Fates
  10. Sing Your Peace
  11. Safely Gone