NCT Dream- The 3rd Album

NCT Dream- The 3rd Album

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Label: SM Entertainment

Released 8/18/2023

The 3rd Album 'ISTJ' [Photobook ver.] - Nct Dream The 3rd album 'ISTJ' includes 10 songs of various genres and will charm their fans all over the world with it's more than ever mature and refreshing vibe that is well-suited for the summer. Contents include a CD, Booklet (random out of Introvert / Extrovert Ver.), Printed Photo (Introvert Ver.) or Polaroid Card (Extrovert Ver.) (random of 7 each), Folded poster, Photocard (random of 7), and Special poster. This version contains an additional US-exclusive Postcard (matching cover).

Track listing:

  1. Istj
  2. Broken Melodies
  3. Yogurt Shake
  4. Skateboard
  5. Blue Wave
  6. Poison
  7. Sos
  8. Pretzel (?)
  9. Starry Night
  10. Like We Just Met