Negative Gain- Back From The Dead

Negative Gain- Back From The Dead

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Label: Code 7 - Back To Front

Reissued 9/16/2022, Originally released 1986

Negative Gain was founded in Oakville, Ontario Canada by Peter Warner who wrote all of the lyrics and provided rehearsal space in his basement. Filling out the lineup was Grant C. Slavin on guitar, Steve Currie on bass, and Andrew Mosely on drums. All members were in their mid-teens at the time. Their influences included Minor Threat, Millions of Dead Cops, the Misfits, and the Dead Kennedys, as well as fellow Canadian bands Direct Action and Sudden Impact. Killer thrash hardcore, fast and aggressive but with a dark edge at times originally out on Pushead's label Pusmort. Includes their full early demo as bonus.

Track listing:

Dropping In!

  1. No Life At All
  2. Face First
  3. Descend On Youth
  4. Dark Places
  5. Nuclear Winter
  6. Live Or Die
  7. We Believe
  8. Night Stalker
  9. One Way Livin'
  10. President's Women
  11. Piss Me Off!

Dropping Out!

  1. Back From The Dead
  2. Situation All Fucked Up!
  3. When The Pounding Stops
  4. Psychic Hours
  5. Destiny's Uncertain
  6. What's The Reason
  7. Loss Of Self
  8. Night Of The Rat
  9. My Old Man