Nels Cline Singers- Share the Wealth

Nels Cline Singers- Share the Wealth

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Label: Blue Note

Released 11/13/20

The third Blue Note album by guitarist and Wilco bandmember Nels Cline features an expanded edition of his long-running project The Nels Cline Singers with saxophonist Skerik, keyboardist Brian Marsella, bassist Trevor Dunn, drummer Scott Amendola and percussionist Cyro Baptista. A dynamic double album created from spontaneous music-making that brims with swirling, evocative soundscapes and uninhibited explorations.

Track Listing:

  1. Segunda
  2. Beam/Spiral
  3. Nightstand
  4. Stump the Panel
  5. Headdress
  6. Princess Phone
  7. The Pleather Patrol
  8. Ashcan Treasure
  9. A Place on the Moon
  10. Passed Down