New Bomb Turks- Tapeworm Blues (1992 Demos)

New Bomb Turks- Tapeworm Blues (1992 Demos)

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Label: Crypt

Released 2013

Tapeworm is a six song crude, rude and loud Punk Rock blort recorded four months prior to the epic Destroy Oh- Boy!! sessions in Columbus, OH. Includes two never-heard originals - "Tapeworm Blues" and "Drug Chicks" - plus four cuts later re-recorded for D-O-B. Liner notes by Irving Azlik, Jr.., much-renowned industry head.

 Track listing:

  1. Tattoed Apathetic Boys
  2. Tapeworm Blues
  3. Spinnin' Clock
  4. Tryin' To Get By
  5. Drug Chicks
  6. Cryin' Into The Beer Of A Drunk Man