Nick Shoulders- All Bad
Nick Shoulders- All Bad

Nick Shoulders- All Bad

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Label: Gar Hole

Released 9/8/2023

All Bad, the latest album from Nick Shoulders, ultimately encapsulates everything that makes Shoulders' inimitable form of country music so vital: a heady balance of dazzling musicianship and punk defiance, coupled with gritty eccentricity and a generational connection to the roots of the genre. With a singing style inherited from his family's vocal lineage, Nick's songs achieve the rare feat of imparting difficult truths while inciting a certain joyful abandon, balancing a sound forged by years of hard travel with a heartfelt reverence for the origins of country music. In the spirit of Hazel Dickens and Jimmy Driftwood, the incisive yet wildly jubilant All Bad vocally objects to the reckless destruction of the natural landscape and development run rampant, while still offering plenty of joy and dance-ready rhythms. Spanning a variety of early country styles, the album's infectious harmonies shine alongside everything from jangling cajun waltzes to surf-rock infused bluesy ballads-all tied together by a voice seemingly out of place in this century, yet ever ready to speak up about its problems.

Track listing:

  1. Hoarse Whisperer
  2. Blue Endless Highway
  3. All Bad
  4. Hook, Line and Sinker
  5. It's the Best?
  6. Toast First
  7. Arkansaw Troubler
  8. Mama Tired
  9. Up the Ouachita
  10. Long Spring
  11. Appreciate'cha
  12. Won't Fence Us in
  13. Whooped If You Will
  14. Empty Yodel No. 1