Nick Waterhouse- Promenade Blue

Nick Waterhouse- Promenade Blue

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Label: Innovative Leisure

Released 4/9/2021

F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was a work so filled with ambition, yearning, and inner contradictions that it came to represent the condition of a nation itself. Yet, at it's core, the slim novel tells a story about people and, more often than not, their inability to communicate and connect with one another ' forever running on parallel tracks until tragedy finally twines them together. The color green (often in the form of the faded sodium lit dock of Daisy Buchanan) comes to represent longing and unrequited love in an era (the Roaring Twenties) of decadence and spiritual vacuousness. Green is Gatsby's North Star, simultaneously pointing backward and forward through time toward some unattainable, impossibly balanced version of his own life. Nick Waterhouse, a century later but once again in the '20s, takes the color blue as his hue of choice on Promenade Blue.

Track listing:

  1. Place Names 
  2. The Spanish Look 
  3. Vincentine 
  4. Medicine 
  5. Very Blue 
  6. Silver Bracelet 
  7. Proméne Bleu 
  8. Fugitive Lover 
  9. Minor Time 
  10. B. Santa Ana, 1986 
  11. To Tell