Nico - Femme Fatale

Nico - Femme Fatale

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Label: Vinyl Lovers

Reissued 2010, originally released 2002

Despite her stunning beauty, famous friends and lovers, and a promising career as a model, Nico, instead of becoming the trophy wife of a rich man, aligned herself with nihilism and self-destruction, becoming the goddess of the underworld... a beautiful and tragic angel of death with a voice from the beyond. In 1982 she recorded two tracks with Martin Hannett, most known for producing the similarly gloomy Joy Division and New Order, and backed by the Invisible Girls. These tracks, a reworking of the Velvet Underground's 'All Tomorrow's Parties' and her own brooding 'Procession', alongside heavily atmospheric live tracks selected from her 1983 tour in London, Copenhagen, Utrecht and Amsterdam are present here. "Femme Fatale" also includes versions of songs written for her by Dylan, Browne, Bowie and Lou Reed as well as nine Nico originals. Also featuring a detailed bio by Nina Antonia.

Track Listing:

  1. All Tomorrow's Parties
  2. Procession
  3. Frozen Warnings
  4. Saeta
  5. Purple Lips
  6. These Days
  7. I'll Keep It With Mine  
  8. The Sphinx
  9. Procession
  10. Sixty/Forty
  11. Heroes
  12. Femme Fatale  
  13. I'm Waiting For The Man
  14. König
  15. Orly Flight
  16. Secret Side
  17. Femme Fatale