Nina Nastasia- Riderless Horse
Nina Nastasia- Riderless Horse
Nina Nastasia- Riderless Horse

Nina Nastasia- Riderless Horse

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Label: Temporary Residence Ltd.

Released 11/4/2022

Riderless Horse is my first solo record, and it’s the first record my former partner, Kennan Gudjonsson, didn’t produce. I haven’t made an album since 2010. I decided to stop pursuing music several years after my sixth record, Outlaster, because of unhappiness, overwhelming chaos, mental illness, and my tragically dysfunctional relationship with Kennan. Creating music had always been a positive outlet during difficult times, but eventually it became a source of absolute misery. Riderless Horse documents the grief, but it also marks moments of empowerment and a real happiness in discovering my own capability. Steve Albini produced this record with me, and Greg Norman assisted. It was exactly the right environment to work on this record. We all had meals together, cried, laughed, and told stories. It was perfect. It made me realize how much I love writing, playing and recording music. Terrible things happen. These were some terrible things. So, what to do – learn something valuable, connect with people, move the fuck out of that apartment, remember the humor, find the humor, tell the truth, and make a record. I made a record. 

Track listing:

  1. Cork And Pour
  2. Just Stay In Bed
  3. You Were So Mad
  4. This Is Love
  5. Nature
  6. Lazy Road
  7. Ask Me
  8. Blind As Batsies
  9. The Two Of Us
  10. Go Away
  11. The Roundabout
  12. Trust 
  13. Afterwards
  14. Creek And Chimes