Nolife- You Won't Survive The State of New York

Nolife- You Won't Survive The State of New York

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Label: Young Turks

Released 2017

Originally from Albany, New York and having since moved to NYC, NOLIFE is the latest signing to the Young Turks label. Incorporating influences from noise, hardcore, hip-hop, and electronic. NOLIFE has created an assaulting take on contemporary experimental electronic music. With his sole physical release being an extremely limited self-released cassette earlier this year, the forthcoming YOU WON’T SURVIVE THE STATE OF NEW YORK EP is the most fully realized NOLIFE project to date. Created in a state of isolation and poor health the five seamless tracks of heavy beats laced with dissonant noise samples create a dark picture of the NOLIFE existence.

Track Listing:

  1. Unknown
  2. Unwanted
  3. Unkind
  4. Unreal
  5. Uncaring