NRBQ- Dragnet

NRBQ- Dragnet

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Label: Omnivore

Released 11/12/2021

First new full-length release from NRBQ in eight years • Features originals written by all four band members plus an updated and NRBQ’d version of the classic television theme title track. Any release of NRBQ music is a cause for celebration, but after nearly a decade since their last full-length studio release, Dragnet brings the band back to the turntables and live venues of America. Though they don’t carry a badge, they are going to work, and after more than a year away from live performances, this is where they come in. So do your part and safely celebrate the release of Dragnet when they come to your city and in the meantime, duh duh duh duh!

Track listing:

  1. Where's My Pebble?
  2. I Like Her So Much
  3. Memo Song
  4. Miss Goody Two Shoes
  5. You Can't Change People
  6. Dragnet
  7. The Moon and Other Things
  8. That Makes Me a Fool
  9. Five More Miles
  10. L-O-N-E Lone-Ly
  11. Sunflower