Nuclear Assault- Game Over

Nuclear Assault- Game Over

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Label: Combat

Reissued 1/8/21, originally released 1986

Game Over is the debut album by thrash metal band Nuclear Assault, released in 1986 on Combat Records. Leaving Anthrax to their destiny, bassist (and co-founder) Dan Lilker formed another east coast group Nuclear Assault, taking 'Thrax roadie John Connelly with him on vocals and guitar. On Game Over, whilst drawing from Lilker's contributions to Fistful of Metal and Speak English or Die, Nuclear Assault debuts a delightfully ugly thrash, crossover and speed metal hybrid dripping with humour and 80s paranoia.

Track Listing:

  1. Live, Suffer, Die 1:03
  2.  Sin 3:17
  3. Cold Steel 2:36
  4. Betrayal 2:56
  5. Radiation Sickness 2:45
  6. Hang The Pope 0:38
  7. After The Holocost 3:38
  8. Mr Softee Theme 0:23
  9. Stranded In Hell 3:32
  10. Nuclear War 3:44
  11. My America 0:29
  12. Vengence 2:44
  13. Brain Death 7:09