Orchid - Chaos Is Me
Orchid - Chaos Is Me
Orchid - Chaos Is Me

Orchid - Chaos Is Me

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Label: Ebullition

Reissued 10/6/2023, Originally released 1999

In 1999 Ebullition released the Orchid - Chaos is Me LP. At the time Orchid was a fairly new and unheard of band. It was the 45th release on Ebullition, but over time it became the most popular band and record that Ebullition ever had the privilege of releasing. The origina description was:  Orchid's first full length 12" features eleven songs of their unique blend of emotive chaos and combustible hardcore. Blending it all together to create emo violence. The cover design has an almost Misfits inspired motif, and their lyrics are... well, they are Orchid lyrics, which means that they are slightly emotive and vague while retaining a sense of purpose. Orchid is all about blending; taking the best of several genres and putting it all together to get the Orchid sound. Screaming vocals and harsh sounding music to keep the kids screaming and dancin' whether they are Romulan emo kids or crusty Klingons

Track Listing:

  1. Le Désordre, C'est Moi Aesthetic Dialectic
  2. In G And E
  3. New Jersey Vs. Valhalla
  4. Weekend At The Fire Academy
  5. Framecode
  6. The Action Index
  7. Death Of A Modernist
  8. BoyWith No Arms
  9. Invasion U.S.A.
  10. Epilogue Of A Carcrash