Osees- Panther Rotate

Osees- Panther Rotate

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Label: Castle Face

Released 12/11/2020

"In the swirling and undulant warm mud of jettisoned reels of magnetic tape, blurps up the fog of reinvention. Every night I would parley with my pilots and run and rerun the recordings. Right up until the moment sleep slips it's veil over eyes and ears and you drift back without a sound. Protean Threat dream haze becomes Panther Rotate in the other dimension. A companion LP of remixes, field recordings, and sonic experiments using all sounds generated by the him and crackle of the desert farm.

Track listing:

  1. Scramble Experiment
  2. Don't Blow Your Experiment
  3. Synthesis
  4. Toadstool Experiment
  5. If I Had An Experiment
  6. Miz Experiment
  7. Terminal Experiment
  8. Poem 2
  9. Gong Experiment