OST [Blue Oyster Cult]- Bad Channels
OST [Blue Oyster Cult]- Bad Channels

OST [Blue Oyster Cult]- Bad Channels

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Label: Full Moon

Reissued 4/18/15, originally released 1992

After 11 years of touring, Rock Legends Blue Oyster Cult went back to the studio to compose and original score for Bad Channels (1992). Demons Kiss and Horsemen Arrive are two unique tracks written and performed by BOC solely for this soundtrack. The total playing time of this album is 71.20 minutes - including an original score by BOC, along with 9 other tracks by various artists. One blue disc, one black disc.

Track Listing:

  1. Demon's Kiss
  2. The Horseman Arrive
  3. That's How It Is
  4. Jane Jane (The Hurricane)
  5. Somewhere In The Night
  6. Blind Faith
  7. Manic Depresso
  8. Mr. Cool
  9. Myth Of Freedom
  10. Touching Myself Again
  11. Little Old lady Poka
  12. Bad Channels Overture
  13. Power Station
  14. Power Station II
  15. Shadow
  16. V.U.
  17. Cosmo Rules, But Lump Controls
  18. Battering Ram
  19. This Dude is F****d
  20. Pick Up Her
  21. Spray That Scumbag
  22. Out of Station
  23. Tree Full of Owls
  24. Cookie in Bottle
  25. Corky Gets It
  26. Eulogy for Corky
  27. Spore Bomb
  28. Remodeling
  29. Ginger Snaps
  30. Moon Gets It