OST [Isaac Hayes]- Shaft

OST [Isaac Hayes]- Shaft

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Label: Stax

Reissued 2014, Originally released 1971

Of the many wonderful blaxpoitation soundtracks to emerge during the early '70s, SHAFT certainly deserves mention as not only one of the most lasting but also one of the most successful. Isaac Hayes was undoubtedly one of the era's most accomplished soul artists, and with 'Theme from Shaft,' he delivered an anthem just as ambitious and revered as the film itself, a song that has only grown more treasured over the years, after having been an enormously popular hit at the time of it's release. Shaft still remains a powerful record; one of Hayes' pinnacle moments for sure.

Track listing:

  1. Theme from Shaft
  2. Bumpy's Lament
  3. Walk from Regio's
  4. Ellie's Love Theme
  5. Shaft's Cab Ride
  6. Cafe Regio's
  7. Early Sunday Morning
  8. Be Yourself
  9. A Friend's Place
  10. Soulsville (Vocal Version)
  11. No Name Bar
  12. Bumpy's Blues
  13. Shaft Strikes Again
  14. Do Your Thing (Vocal Version)
  15. The End Theme