OST [John Carpenter & Alan Howarth]- They Live
OST [John Carpenter & Alan Howarth]- They Live

OST [John Carpenter & Alan Howarth]- They Live

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Label: Death Waltz

Reissued 5/13/2022, Originally released 1988

A classic story of one man fighting for the freedom of the world with a great science-fiction twist. This movie is full of amazing dialogue and also contains the greatest fistfight in the history of cinema. Like most of Carpenter’s films, They Live has an urban-western feel to it, which is emphasized by the infectious score. Celebrated designer and artist Alan Hynes has crafted a spectacular collectible package for the soundtrack befitting the film’s theme of subliminal communication, utilizing the iconic sunglasses to reveal hidden messages as you pull the disc sleeve from the slipcase. Carpenter and Howarth’s main theme conjures up images of a lone cowboy entering town, with the main melody augmented with the sounds of harmonica and saxophone. There’s a carefree attitude that reflects Rowdy Roddy Piper’s character, but the score takes on a more sinister tone when he realizes he doesn’t know anything about what’s really going on. Carpenter’s signature synth tones create an uncomfortable atmosphere, but the main bassline is always fighting against them, never giving up. Electric guitar is used fleetingly, but brilliantly, and the whole score embodies the kind of rebelling against authority Carpenter is famous for. They Live will rock your world without the need for a Brazilian plastic surgeon to put you back together again.

Track listing:

  1. Coming To L.A.
  2. A Message
  3. The Siege Of Justiceville
  4. Return To Church
  5. All Out Of Bubble Gum
  6. Back To The Street
  7. Kidnapped
  8. Transient Hotel
  9. Underground
  10. Wake Up