OST (Jonathan Elias)- Children Of The Corn

OST (Jonathan Elias)- Children Of The Corn

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Label: 1984 Publishing

Reissued 7/16/2021, Originally released 1984

"1984 Publishing is re-releasing the haunting soundtrack for Children Of The Corn by Jonathan Elias with new artwork by 'Ghoulish' Gary Pullin. 1984's Children Of The Corn (directed by Fritz Kiersch) is one of the spookiest films of its era with a soundtrack by Jonathan Elias that's just as chilling! Pullin is one of the most in-demand pop culture artists in the physical media market. The Children Of The Corn soundtrack have not been pressed to vinyl since 1984, have been out of print on CD since 2009, and has yet to see a cassette release (until now)."

Track listing:

  1. Main Title
  2. Barn Run
  3. Dream Music
  4. Murder
  5. The Arrival
  6. Chase Theme
  7. The Invasion
  8. Burning the Cornfield
  9. Vicky's Dream
  10. Attack of the Children
  11. Fighting Back
  12. Diehl's Haunting
  13. Exploring
  14. The Cornfield
  15. Isaac Vs. Malachai
  16. The Resolution
  17. End Titles