OST [Mogwai]- ZeroZeroZero (A Mogwai Soundtrack)
OST [Mogwai]- ZeroZeroZero (A Mogwai Soundtrack)

OST [Mogwai]- ZeroZeroZero (A Mogwai Soundtrack)

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Label: Rock Action

Released 2021

ZeroZeroZero is the acclaimed series produced by Cattleya — producers of the hit Gomorrah the Series and part of ITV Studios — with Bartlebyfilm for Sky, Canal+, Amazon Prime Video and STUDIOCANAL TV. The first season is currently available in numerous territories, including Italy, Germany and Austria (Sky), France (Canal+) and the US, Spain and Latin America (Amazon Prime Video), and will soon be available in the UK and Ireland on Sky. It was created by Stefano Sollima (Sicario: Day of the Soldado, Gomorrah), with Leonardo Fasoli and Mauricio Katz, and was shot on three continents and in six languages.

Track listing:

  1. Visit Me
  2. I'm Not Going When I Don't Get Back
  3. Telt
  4. Chicken Guns
  5. Nose Pints
  6. Fears Of Metal
  7. Space Annual
  8. Invisible Frequencies
  9. Moon In Reverse
  10. Don't Make Me Go Out On My Own
  11. Lesser Glasgow
  12. Frog Marching
  13. El Dante
  14. Major Treat
  15. Rivers Wanted
  16. Summon The Sacred Beast
  17. Modern Trolls
  18. The Winter's Not Forever
  19. He Loved Trees
  20. Witches Of Alignment
  21. The Wife Was Touched