OST- Robocop

OST- Robocop

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Label: Milan

Released 2015

Directed by “enfant terrible” Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct, Total Recall), and starring Peter Weller, Robocop tells the story of a terminally wounded cop in a dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit who returns to the force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories. Robocop features an amazing score by Basil Poledouris (Conan The Barbarian, The Hunt For Red October). Silver vinyl.

Track Listing:

  1. Main Title
  2. Have a Heart
  3. O.C.P. Monitors
  4. Twirl
  5. Van Chase
  6. Murphy Dies
  7. Robo Lives
  8. Drive Montage
  9. Helpless Woman
  10. Nukem
  11. Murphy's Dream
  12. Gas Station Blow-Up
  13. Murphy Goes Home
  14. Clarence Frags Bob
  15. Rock Shop
  16. Robo Drives to Jone
  17. Directive IV
  18. Robo & Ed 209 Fight
  19. Force Shoots Robo
  20. Big Is Better
  21. Care Package
  22. Looking for Me
  23. Across the Board / End Credits