OST- Stories For Ways & Means

OST- Stories For Ways & Means

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Label: Black 17 Media, LLC

Released 4/22/17


Waxploitation Records founder Jeff Antebi asked his favorite artists from the worlds of music and the visual arts to collaborate on original children’s stories for a multi-media “literary mixtape”.  Those pairings can be found in the 350 page book Stories For Ways & Means and includes stories from Jim James, Nick Cave, Frank Black, Justin Vernon, Laura Marling, Devendra Banhart, Alison Mosshart as well as paintings/illustrations from Anthony Lister, James Jean, Dan Baldwin, Swoon, Will Barras, Ronzo, Kai & Sunny and more.  For Record Store Day 2017, Waxploitation has created a limited edition artifact of narrations from the book on 12” colored vinyl (with an insert containing an excerpt from the book) with special guests like Zach Galifianlis, Danny Devito, Nick Offerman, King Krule, D.R.A.M., and more!

Track Listing:

  1. "The Next Big Thing" by Gibby Haynes (Narrated By Zach Galifianakis)
  2. "Doug The Bug" by  Frank Black (Narrated By Danny Devito)
  3. "The Old Oak Tree" by Laura Marlin (Narrated By Lauren Lapkus)
  4. "Fishing With Music" by Amadou Bagayoko (Narrated By D.R.A.M.)
  5. "Right On Rosie" by Spencer Krug (Narrated By Spencer Krug)
  6. "Me and Matt's Golden Husks" by Justin Vernon (Narrated By Nick Offerman) 
  7. "The Chickadees Of Highway 3" by Jason Lytle (narrated By Jason Lytle)
  8. "Penelope and The Succulent" by John Vanderslice (Narrated By Lauren Mayberry)
  9. "La Banerita" by Devendra Barnhart (Narrated By Lizzo)
  10. A Boy Named Tim" by Elliphant (Narrated By Kumail Nanjiani)
  11. "How To Escape A Wasp" by Micachu (Narrated by King Krule)
  12. "The Lonely Giant" by Nick Cave (Narrated By Andre Royo)
  13. "The Very Tall Tree" by Gary Numan (Narrated By Gary Numan) 
  14. Marglytta (Jellyfish) by Orvar Smarson (Narrated By Orvar Smarason)
  15. "Little Hollywood" by Satomi Matsuzaki (Narrated by Satomi Matsuzaki)
  16. "Wish Well Foundation" by Alison Mosshart (Narrated By Alison Mosshart)
  17. "Oslo and Plum" by Jim James (Narrated by Phil LaMarr)