OST [Howard Shore]- The Fly
OST [Howard Shore]- The Fly

OST [Howard Shore]- The Fly

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Label: Varese Sarabande

Released 22/13/2020

Limited edition, reissue.

CCVinyl.com Exclusive

3D Lenticular Album Artwork

Green with Black Haze "Fly Eye" Colored Vinyl

Limited to 750 copies

Track listing:

  • A1 Main Title
  • A2 Plasma Pool
  • A3 The Last Visit
  • A4 Stathis Enters
  • A5 The Phone Call
  • A6 Seth Goes Through
  • A7 Ronnie Comes Back
  • A8 The Jump
  • A9 Particle Magazine
  • A10 The Armwrestle
  • B1 Brundlefly
  • B2 Ronnie's Visit
  • B3 The Street
  • B4 The Stairs
  • B5 The Fingernails
  • B6 Baboon Teleportation
  • B7 The Creature
  • B8 Steak Montage
  • B9 The Maggot / Fly Graphic
  • B10 Success With Baboon
  • B11 The Ultimate Family
  • B12 The Finale